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1974 Moto Guzzi 750S

This bike has been assembled in 1974 and is considered the inheritor to the Sport bike.The look is definitely sporty and offers lot of fun in riding. All the bikers like that! Its black bodywork in contrast to the considerable cross bands together with its black exhaust pipe make this bike one of the most sporty and aggressive on the market. Its charm never fades.
This bike is still one the most beautiful and engaging ever.

It is the faster bike among the V7 for sure and could offer great performances! The guide position allows the rider to be part of the bike itself and offers a great dynamic of the S-bends. The paths are always clean and precise even at high speed. The drive on roads full of bends is really amazing, especially for people who gets used to the great performances of the modern bikes. The powerful low-gear of the big V twin-cylindrical engine together with the double front disc gives an excellent safety when speed-up. Bikes can finally slow down!

The shaft drive is less violent and sharp than in the past thanks to a specific device that can lower vibrations and make the bike less noisy. The supply of the propeller is linear even at low speed and makes the tourist drive really amazing.

The handlebarss have been inspired by the Sport model and run along the barrels of forks: this bike combines a race trim with a tourist drive! The 5 gear transmission is on the left side as originally made. This drive is quiet simple for bikers like we are, even though the gear locations are inverted having the first gear on top.This kind of riding will be really appreciated by those people who usually run on circuits!

Other people will pay a bit more of attention. The saddle is pretty comfortable: no vibrations but great comfort. The S saddle has been originally designed for two people but one rider only can ride it (the saddle is like flared with an ending windshield fit for just one rider).While riding this bike the rider can ride it easily despite the heavy weight (not possible, on the contrary, when the bike gets stopped!). The 750 S bike can be easily ridden even though it is also strong and aggressive: these features make this bike easy to be ridden by people not very experienced.

It can also give amazing performances while riding!

Enjoy your ride!

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The fleet

A fleet of fully restored motorcycles from the Seventies is available to you. Select the one you like best and contact us.
When you hop on the saddle, its personality will win you over.

All available bikes are original models from the golden era of motorcycling, ready to face curve after curve on the roads of the land of engines.


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