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1973 Moto Guzzi V7 850 GT

The V7 850 GT has been produced in 1972 as replacement of the V7 Special model. The technical changes have been notable and considerable.
The capacity has been improved to 844 cc and the most important changes concern the gear shift with 5 gears and the rear drum brake with 4 jaws that had come from the super sporty V7 Sport.
The 60' s style mild lines enhance the classic 90 4-stroke "V" twin cylindrical engine and it is water-cooled. You can instinctively feel a sensation of strength (as the hemispherical heads are made of light alloy).
In a very short period, this bike become the main antagonist in Europe of the classic touring BMW models.
Gears are on the right side with rocker arm command: you need to ride for a while in the saddle and very soon you will be able to ride it easily and forget the typical left clutch lever of the modern bikes. Soon it will be fun for you to ride and down- shifting by simply moving your foot forward and back on the floorboard.
The engine is extremely elastic and really performing especially in tourist riding on roads full of bends.
The dynamic is great and gives the GT an unthinkable manageability for such a big bike, as it can compete with other bikes apparently nimbler.Breaking works well but can not modulated.
Sometimes braking can be excessively sudden, so you should become familiar with brake response. However, there is no need for you to brake thanks to the powerful engine braking of this big twin cylindrical engine, except for emergency.
The position in the saddle is very comfortable thanks to the advanced floorboards and the enlarged handlebarss. Everyone will feel at ease. No specific experience in riding is required to ride this bike in safety. A little bit of physical presence is necessary just to move the bike when standing.
All these features make the 850 GT a real first class "Gran Tourism" bike: the choice for who wants to ride comfortably on a powerful and racy bike.
The bike has the original hard saddlebags and the long comfortable saddle is ideal for travels in pairs.
Its charm is really magnetic and the engine roar is like pure poetry.

Enjoy your ride!

The fleet

A fleet of fully restored motorcycles from the Seventies is available to you. Select the one you like best and contact us.
When you hop on the saddle, its personality will win you over.

All available bikes are original models from the golden era of motorcycling, ready to face curve after curve on the roads of the land of engines.


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