ride70s en 1972-benelli-tornado-650 001
ride70s en 1972-benelli-tornado-650 001

1972 Benelli Tornado 650

The 650 Tornado has been presented at the end of the 60' s and represented the last model produced by the Benelli's from Pesaro, Italy. This bike entered the market in 1970 only in the USA and in 1971 in Italy due to a serious delay while bringing up the machines to the new production standards. In that period this delay wasfatal. The Honda CB 750 Four entered the market few months before. This bike distorted the concept of bike as intended till that moment. Just new to the market, the Tornado, on the contrary, seemed to be older than the Honda CB 750 Four. However this complicated and unlucky story make this bike charmer than ever. The design is clean and essential in the respect of the 70' s Style. No frills and rough finish.

We talk about a solid 4-stroke parallel front gear twin cylindrical engine of 650 cc. It is a 50 horsepower engine that make this bike sporty and really amazing. The frame is a masterpiece of the Italian tradition design: precise and steady bend after bend.Vibrations are not absorbed at all especially at 4000 rpm. It is more comfortable if you ride the bike at a tourist rate.These features are rather typical of the twin cylindrical engine of that period and make this bike really amazing while riding! The transmission has 5 gears on the right side just like the Italian and English bikes of that period. The first gear is positioned on top.

Riding this bike requires lot of concentration, especially during the first kilometres in the saddle. If you are used to have the gears on the left, you might hesitate a bit... The clutch lever on the handlebars requires force to be thrown, so we recommend you to strengthen your forearms before riding one day long!The big front brake is a 230 mm central drum at 4 cams. Breaking is more than acceptablebut can not be modulated as you wish. The rear drum brake works perfectly. However, at a tourist rate, the low gear of the twin cylindrical engine limits the use of brakes. The low comfort in the saddle will be replaced by the adrenalin and the emotion in riding this bike. Tell the passengers! Tornado has a strong and sporty personality. The elastic twin cylindrical engine offers a very amazing way of riding, especially on roads full of bends. This could be the right choice for a minimum experienced rider with low physical presence.

The great rider Renzo Pasolini and the famous actor Steve McQueen were two of the testersof the legendary Benelli Tornado 650!

Enjoy your ride!

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