ride70s en 1971-honda-cb-500-four 001
ride70s en 1971-honda-cb-500-four 001

1971 Honda CB 500 Four

The 500 Four has been produced in 1971 after the lucky 750 model. The project is completely new: 4-stroke engine with 4 cylinders, 5 gears and 275 mm rear disc brake. You can start it electrically or by the kick start, too. Gears are on the left with the First on bottom, just like the modern bikes.
Clutch is pretty mild and no effort is required.
The 500 has a low pick-up even though the engine is always fluent at low speed. Aesthetically this bike is quite harmonious in line andproportions. Attention to details: from the colour with logos in relief to the chromium plating.
The 4 small trombone exhaust pipes are beautiful and sound great!
We talk about a First class GT on the highest quality level in comparison with the competitors.
The 500 model is extremely comfortable and easy to ride, mild and reliable, suitable for the less experienced riders, too. The low location of the saddle make things easier.
Breaking meets the expectations and works better than the standards of that period.
This bike is light but steady. Except the too soft suspensions, this bike has never sudden changes in path while riding.
This bike is ideal for who wants to spend a tour in tranquillity. That's for sure.
The perfect choice for a brilliant and nimble riding, but tourist and comfortable at the same time!
Suitable for everyone. We recommend the girls to ride this bike!!!

Enjoy your ride!

The fleet

A fleet of fully restored motorcycles from the Seventies is available to you. Select the one you like best and contact us.
When you hop on the saddle, its personality will win you over.

All available bikes are original models from the golden era of motorcycling, ready to face curve after curve on the roads of the land of engines.


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