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1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R

This bike has been created in 1958 and been produced till 1970.
Always improved over the years, the model designed and made between 1967 and 1970 can be considered the masterpiece in the Bonnie's History.The name given to this bike remind us of the speed record (over 345 km/hrs) in 1956 on the Salt River close to Bonneville, in Utah (U.S.A.).

The "T" means twin and "120" is the highest speed in miles even though it did never up to this speed actually.
This bike has a special charm thanks to its thin and elegant frame and the great performances that can offer!

The classic vertical 4-stroke twin cylindrical engine parallel to the front gear with its 650 cc. offers an amazing drive especially when you ask for some grit and great performance! But you can ride it at slow speed having a tourist rate. Thanks to its weight, the manageability is really nice and pleasant. You can easily ride it at slow and at high speed!

On varied mountain ways this bike is a really hard case to ride! The dual cam drum front brake is quite soft and progressive. Breaking is acceptable with no danger of wheel locks.

The rear drum brake does not help while breaking actually. The transmission has 4 gears: the first gear on bottom and the other three on top.
This feature make this bike a bit difficult to get ridden as it requires more concentration while riding. People usually ride modern bikes with gears on the left side. The clutch lever can be easily used with no efforts.The beautiful and elegant "bottle"-made converter are typical features of the Bonnie model: they are not particularly quiet but have a punchy sound! The driving location is comfortable and not particularly tiring even on long tours. Its versatile twin cylindrical engine makes this bike perfect for ways full of bends.

This is the ideal choice for who likes the 60' S models and looks for light bikes to ride. These bikes can be powerful and nimble at the same time. To ride this bike in safety, not much experience is required.

Also suitable for girls! The T120 Bonneville model has such a strong personality that become the reference point for all the English production of that period.

Enjoy your ride!

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