RIDE70s Vintage Experience Rent a classic motorcycle and tours

Experience the thrill of riding an original motorcycle from the seventies thanks to RIDE70s! Travel back in time on RIDE70s vintage bike-tours for groups or individuals on fully restored vintage motorcycles!


Hop on and let yourself be seduced by the "good vibrations" of the models that have already left a permanent impression on the history of motorcycling.


Together we will follow winding roads, away from traffic, through old villages and with splendid views.


A fleet of 14 "cult" bikes, undisputed stars of the Seventies, brought back to their original splendour to offer new thrills to the motorcyclists of today.


Pick your bike, visit the garage of RIDE70s and have a unique and rewarding time with us. Experience the allure of the Seventies on two wheels.


Duration of the event: 4 hour
morning 9 am – 1 pm
afternoon 3 pm - 7 pm


Duration of the event: 8 hours
entire day 9 am - 5 pm


Duration of the event: several days


and encompasses:
  • use of the chosen motorcycle for the entire duration of the event
  • helmet and vintage leather jacket
  • fuel and motorcycle liability insurance
  • escort and technical assistance are following
  • meals in a typical local restaurants (not provided on half-day rides)
  • overnight stays (only on long rides)

Who we are

The Imola Vintage Garage was founded in 2011 by two passionate motorcyclists, both born and raised in Imola, where a passion for engines is almost a given!
Presently Imola Vintage Garage has changed its name to RIDE70s Experience. The headquarters are also new, located in the heart of the Republic of San Marino, surrounded by greenery. The garage is now housed in an old stable that has been completely renovated; many new motorcycles have been added, but the passion remains the same.
RIDE70s presents a collection of motorcycles from the seventies to anyone who wants to experience a real trip back to the past, even if only for one day. Pick one of the available bikes and contact us: we will guide you along fascinating routes through the roads of central Italy, featuring ancient villages and incredible scenery.


Motorcyclists are known to be extremely protective of their motorcycle.
However, we believe that a shared experience is more exciting.
If you so desire, you will be riding one of our motorcycles!
We are sure that it will be an unforgettable experience for you and that you will appreciate our gesture by demonstrating respect for the motorcycles and by riding properly.


It is a childhood dream that came true!†

"I must have been 4 or 5 years old and was already walking around the pavement of the Imola racetrack.
In the early seventies, my grandfather Gardo regularly accompanied me to see the 200 Miles of Imola, the so-called Daytona of Europe.
I will always carry that experience in my heart.
Those motorcycles, those people, those smells, those noises and colours represent to me pure and genuine motorcycling, driven first of all by passion."† ††

The fleet

A fleet of fully restored motorcycles from the Seventies is available to you. Select the one you like best and contact us.
When you hop on the saddle, its personality will win you over.

All available bikes are original models from the golden era of motorcycling, ready to face curve after curve on the roads of the land of engines.




Why rent a vintage motorcycle?
"Owning a vintage bike is very rewarding but also challenging: buy it, restore it, then there is the maintenance…. Not everyone has the time, or the ability to do so, nor the space to store it. Now, however, we have a solution that leaves the burden to others (Imola Vintage Garage, now RIDE70s) and allows you to use it without any worries", with the possibility of riding a different model every time!
[from the magazine "In Moto" issued December 2011]
Where are you located?
Our head office is in the Republic of San Marino, near Rimini, in the "Italian motor valley".
In the contacts section you will find the necessary information to be able to reach us
What does RIDE70s EXPERIENCE offer?
RIDE70s offers enthusiasts the opportunity to experience motorcycles from the seventies, and to participate in single or group tours lasting one or several days along the spectacular roads of central Italy. We will accompany you on fascinating routes through the curves of the Apennines, between Romagna, Tuscany, Marche, and Umbria.
A travel agency that we rely on will provide for the preparation of meals and overnight stays. We have selected restaurants and trattorias where you can taste the typical cuisine of the area. For tours lasting several days, we will spend the night in farmhouses or hotels located in the most distinctive areas. We will ensure that the only thing you have to do is to have fun, be excited and leave all the stress behind!
What will I get to see?
During our motorcycle tours, we will ride along various routes away from heavy traffic. We will enjoy hilly landscapes, unspoilt mountains, lush countryside, and sea views. We will pass through and visit small villages, castles, towns and cities with centuries-old traditions. This is a land rich in history and culture. There will be frequent stops to enjoy the great traditions of food and wine of central Italy. All of this accompanied by genuine people who are passionate about motorbikes!
How can I reach you?
By train, plane, car or motorcycle. The nearest international airports are in Bologna, Forlž and Rimini.
Where can I leave my car and excess luggage?
At our headquarters, free of charge and without any restrictions.
Will you be able to help me find a nearby accommodation?
Of course! Please contact us to inform us of your needs.
Is there a transfer service from the airport?
Yes, one is available but must be arranged when booking the motorcycle.
What else can I do in the Romagna region?
The Romagna region offers countless opportunities to spend pleasant holidays. Sportsmen and women can enjoy mountain biking, trekking or horseback riding in beautiful natural surroundings. The beaches are among the best equipped in the world, just as the nightlife is also renowned. The gastronomic tradition of this region is certainly worthy of the most refined palates. Finally yet importantly, an abundance of history and culture leads you through medieval villages and castles, through cities of art full of monuments, exhibitions and museums, among rural traditions, celebrations and local festivals.
May I participate in the tours on my own motorcycle?
Certainly, but only in conjunction with one of our motorcycle tours involving rented motorcycles from the RIDE70s garage. The only requirement is that the bike was built in the seventies, no matter if it is entirely original or was modified, but it needs to be thoroughly serviced and in a roadworthy condition. Please verify the terms of participation in the "Quote" section.
How early do I have to book?
For tours that include one or more nights, the booking of the motorcycle tour must be made at least 6 weeks in advance of the start date of the same. For half-day or full-day tours, all you have to do is book within 24 hours of the departure of one of the dates listed in the RIDE70s Experience calendar. Remember that usually the maximum number of participants for each tour is limited to 10 (10 bikes + rider and passenger).
May I ride on different motorcycles during one tour?
Better if not. Each person is responsible for the motorcycle specified in his or her contract of use. Moreover, since these motorcycles have different qualities from the contemporary ones, it is preferable to use the same motorbike for the duration of the entire tour, thereby having the opportunity to become familiar with it. If a tour lasts several days, and the participants agree with each other before the departure, a rotation is possible, so that everyone can ride a different bike each day. In any case, each participant must always, and only, use the means of transport specified in the contract that was signed before departure.
What is the minimum age required to use a motorcycle?
The required minimum age is 25 years with a motorcycle licence that has been obtained at least 2 years prior.
How many kilometers will we travel in a day?
We will cover on average of 100 – 120 km during half-day tours and 180 – 200 km during whole day tours. The pace of driving will be calm and always in line with the experience of the participating group, with great attention being paid to safety. The tour-leader will decide when to open up the gas to be able to appreciate the performance of our magnificent bikes better.
How many people will be taking part in the motorcycle tour?
The teams will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 for each full-day ride. A team can request an exclusive motorcycle tour, without other participants, by contacting RIDE70s at the time of booking and paying a higher participation fee. The half-day rides may also start with only a single participant without an additional fee.
What is the difficulty of riding a motorcycle from the '70s?
There are no difficulties because the entire tour will be taken at an adequate speed. Before the start, we will conduct a briefing during which we will provide clear instructions on how to ride each bike, focusing on the particulars that should be handled with caution, such as drum brakes or the gearbox being on the right side...
Be aware that these bikes are 40 years old, even if they are perfectly functional! Therefore, the only precaution is to maintain a moderate speed, respecting the equipment and ourselves.
Are the motorcycle tours limited to experienced riders?
No, anyone with a minimum of experience in riding any two-wheeled vehicle will be able to fully enjoy this exciting opportunity. It will be the responsibility of the staff of RIDE70s to recommend the appropriate bike based on the level of experience of each participant. Remember, however, that even the most experienced riders will have a satisfying and unforgettable experience!
What does the participation fee for the motorcycle tour include?
The format is All-inclusive and the participation fee covers the logistical organization of the motorcycle tour; exclusive use of the bike for the duration of the tour; use of a helmet and vintage leather jacket (while stocks last!); the liability insurance of the vehicle; assistance during the journey provided by at least one experienced escort; replacement of the motorcycle in the event of a breakdown that cannot be repaired at the time and meals when provided. The cost of fuel is also included.
Is a deposit required?
What kind of equipment is required?
We recommend gloves, boots, a protective jacket and, of course, a helmet! If you do not have one at the time of departure for the tour, you will receive a helmet and a vintage leather jacket without extra charge, while stocks last. For tours lasting several days, the assistance vehicle will transport the luggage of each participant (rider + passenger). We recommend the use of a light backpack for personal effects and souvenir purchases.
Do you supply the helmet?
We recommend that each participant wear his or her own helmet, as it will surely fit perfectly. If this is not possible you can request a helmet at the time of booking, obviously sizes are subject to availability. No extra charge is required for the use of our helmets.
Is it possible to ride with a passenger?
Of course! Passengers are welcome. It is necessary to choose a motorcycle that is fitted as a two-seater and the total weight of rider + passenger may not exceed 120 – 140 kg depending on the bike. This rule is compulsory to guarantee the preservation of the vintage bikes as well as the safety of the participants.
What type of insurance coverage is provided for motorcycles and riders?
Our bikes are insured for liability. All events held by RIDE70s are covered by Third Party Liability insurance, as are our garage and the surrounding private area. For the rider and any passenger, we recommend that you have your own personal insurance coverage.
What happens in case of rain?
All tours will be undertaken even in case of rain. If the weather conditions are prohibitive at the time of departure and it is expected that the adverse conditions will continue throughout the day, the tour may be cancelled. In this case, the participants will be given the opportunity to book another tour on a different date based on the availabilities. For administrative reasons, there will be no refund.
I want to do this alone. May I have an exclusive escort for myself?
Yes, this opportunity is available. Please contact us before booking to check the availability of a personal companion for that date. Naturally, the participation fee will be higher.
We are a group of friends. Can we get a group discount?
Of course! Please contact us before booking to check the availability of all the bikes you need.
Can you organize an "ad hoc" motorcycle tour based on my suggestions?
Certainly, while remaining in the areas we normally frequent. Please contact us to discuss the available dates and itinerary.
Can the bikes be used for special events such as weddings, bachelorette parties, incentive trips, etc.?
Yes, that is possible! Please contact in order to choose the available dates and itinerary together. It will be an exciting and fun experience full of dazzling thrills! A weekend together on our bikes will certainly strengthen the cohesion of your group.
Are there any particular difficulties for a female rider?
Some bikes are a bit more demanding to ride because of their weight and the strength needed to use the handlebar controls. However, we have models that are also suitable for a woman with limited experience. They are light, low and gentle bikes with a bright engine that still can provide a lot of thrills. Girls, especially if they are sporty and adventurous, are always welcome!
What happens if a motorcycle breaks?
All motorcycles are serviced and in perfect working order. However, they are on average almost 40 years old! Some unforeseen setbacks at this age are always a possibility... As soon as possible, we will try to repair the damage on site; otherwise, the bike will be replaced within the shortest possible time. An employee of ours will join us with a replacement bike. During the tours that last several days, an assistance vehicle with at least one spare bike ready for use will accompany us.
What happens if I damage a motorcycle?
We will assess the damage together and settle it. Normally, when sliding at low speed, the damage is minimal... Of course, we cannot predict the unexpected; we are always on two wheels! However, this is part of the game, as any biker will know. Upon collecting the bike you will be asked for your credit card details as a guarantee, however no transaction will be carried out without prior agreement of the parties. The rider of the motorcycle is also the sole person liable in the event of fines for road traffic offences detected while he or she was in possession of the motorcycle in question.
How can I stay up to date on your activities?
Visit our website, which is constantly updated. If you are willing to leave us your email address, we will update you with periodic newsletters.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us via email at:
or by calling the numbers
+39 348 317 5691 (Pietro)
+39 335 527 7630 (Fabrizio)

If you have any DOUBTS or QUESTIONS please do not hesitate to contact us.


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